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Snowangel Riesling Icewine Dosage VQA

Although the tradition of making sparkling wine is more than 500 years old, it has recently experienced a sort of renaissance amongst wine drinkers.  These curious drinkers are recognizing that some of the highest quality sparkling wines come from non-traditional places and are in fact excellent everyday wines, not just for celebratory events.

Our sparkling wine history dates back to 2007, when we experimented with a small bottling of Pinot Noir Rosé.  We were so pleased with the results that we moved on to create a blanc de blancs (white wine made from white grapes).  

All of our Archangel sparkling wines are vinified using the traditional method, which means that the wine was aged on lees in the bottle that is available on the shelf.  A pure and elegant way of crafting sparkling wine, this method allows the wine to develop a great amount of complexity, while maintaining its delicate character.  We believe that wine should be a reflection of the local terroir and the nuances of each vintage, therefore our sparkling wines are vintage dated.

This Riesling Icewine dosage is the newest edition to the Angels Gate sparkling family.  This varietal is not normally considered a traditional grape for sparkling wine but it well known as Icewine.  The balance with the dossage makes this wine sweet but very refreshing.


Varietal: Riesling
Vineyard: Mountainview Vineyard
Aging Process: Bottle Fermented (Traditional Method)
Alcohol: 11.5%
Cases: 400


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Type: Sparkling Wine

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