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2013 Snow Angel Riesling Icewine 500mL VQA

With the passing of autumn brings the return of winter and for Canadians this usually means snow.  However, for Canadian winemakers this signifies a new harvest.  With temperatures falling below minus 8 degrees, our icewine harvest commences and luscious concentrated icewines are produced from frozen grapes.

Due to its high sugar content icewine can age gracefully for many years.  They take on a darker almost amber like hue after a few years but the most exciting part is the development of the mature fruit.  The notes change from fresh apricot and peaches to poached pear,  baked apple and honey.  Vintage icewines almost always taste better and offer far more complexity.

Icewine can be paired with food but you have to be careful to not upset the balance.  Try something like blue or soft cheese, fruit tarts or baked fruit.

This wine is packaged in a 500mL bottle!


 Varietal: Riesling
Vineyard: Hill Vineyard
Aging Process: Stainless Steel Fermented
Alcohol: 10.5%
Cases: 250

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