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May Wine Features

2013 Old Vines Chardonnay

This month Trudy, our hospitality manager comments on a personal favourite.

"Chardonnay has always been one of my favourite white wines. I remember picking out wine for my first dinner party in my first apartment. Chardonnay paired perfectly with the Atlantic Scallops I chose. Yes, overly ambitious for my first dinner party, but my friends actually said that I could cook. It was definitely the wine that made the party, not the cooking!"

"Why do I drink Chardonnay regularly?  It’s so versatile. Light and refreshing when it is unoaked, but it certainly has more depth when it spends some time in oak. And sparkling versions are fantastic! Chard pairs with a wide variety of foods from roast chicken, to seafood, to cheeses, to white sauces, to popcorn."


Trudy's recipe for Coquilles St. Jacques 


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Our Old Vines Chardonnay is harvested from a small parcel of vineyard just a block from the winery.  Although the term old vines is not regulated in Canada we believe that we certainly qualify with our vineyard dating back to 1954.  You could count the number of vinifera vineyards that old in Niagara on one hand.

The vines themselves look like little trees.  Here is a picture without all of the growth so you can get a good look at the trunk.

So what is the fuss about old vines anyway?  Here is a basic run down.  As a grapevine gets older it produces less fruit but the quality is typically better.  As that vine ages it digs deeper into the soil to pickup more character from its microclimate.  Some roots will grow to depths greater than 30 feet.  This particular location is perfect for Chardonnay because of the clay, loam and limestone rich soils we have.

Our first vintage of Old Vine Chardonnay was in 2000 and the production has never been greater than about 200 cases.  This wine is vinified in an old world style with an application of a cold ferment and aging in French oak for about a year.  The nose shows great complexity with baked apple, pear and vanilla while the palate has a texture that is perfect for food.

2016 Mountainview Merlot

This month AJ, our "whatever needs to be done guy" takes us to a personal favourite:

"Merlot has a soft spot on my palate.  It is silky and smooth with an elegance that can only be described as noble.  It is often overlooked when compared to its Cabernet cousins but I think it offers so much more.  As a general rule, Merlot ripens slightly quicker than say Cabernet Sauvignon but it is not the easiest grape to grow.  It is susceptible to too much water and breaks down quickly if the season isn't on your side.  However, when you treat it with some TLC the final wine is just glorious.  It is a staple wine on my table and I really enjoy pairing it with so many different recipes."

"This month I am recommending that you break out the BBQ and get grilling!  Try this wine with rib steak, rich sausage, grilled lamb burger, jerk chicken or even stuffed pork tenderloin.  Either way I am sure that you will Mer-loveit!"


AJ's BBQ recipe for prime rib 


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Mother's Day

Mother's Day is almost upon us and it is certain that you did not get as much time with Mom in the past twelve months as you might have had in previous years.  All the more reason to try to make 2021 special and send a gift that is sure to brighten her day. 

Our just for Mom package includes a selection of wines that are customer favourites.

We start with a sparkling wine in the Snowangel Riesling with Icewine Dosage.  At first glance this might seem like an ultra sweet Icewine but it isn't.  In this case, we take our bottle fermented Riesling sparkling wine and upon disgorging, we add back a touch of Icewine to give it a flavour kick that is very easy to identify on the nose.  You can pick up that apricot and peach character right away.  The palate itself is very much a traditional method sparkler with all the elegance that you would expect.  In the finish, we do get a bit of sweetness that makes the wine very refreshing and versatile.

Next we move on to our Pinot Gris.  Grown right here on the Beamsville Bench, this wine has been a customer favourite for several years.  This is not a Pinot Grigio with the usual spritz and tropical fruit.  This wine has more tree fruit and complexity in both the nose and palate.  This really is a great food wine.

As for reds, we are featuring two selections.  The first needs no introduction and is our Angels Step Pinot Noir.  This Pinot Noir is exactly what a Pinot should be with fruit sourced from our most western vineyard along the Beamsville Bench.  It is medium bodied with all the red berries you would expect to find.  

Our second selection is the Cabernet Merlot and might just be the workhorse of the Angels Gate red family.  A classic blend brings together the strengths of several varietals to make a more complex and ultimately delicious wine.  This Cabernet Merlot is not so over the top that it requires food and it can be enjoyed by the glass during that Mother's Day zoom call.

Mother's Day Pairing Ideas

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Spring into Wine

Package consists of:                                                     

1 bottle 2018 GSM
1 bottle 2018 Sussreserve Riesling

1 bottle 2016 Mountainview Viognier

Enjoy a collection of wines that can be paired up with some great Spring time BBQ.  After a winter indoors it will be nice to get outside and enjoy some fresh air again.  It would be nice if part of that fresh air was the familiar smells of the grill working away.

Pairing ideas:

Sussreserve Riesling:  spicy chicken wings, glazed drumsticks, loin chops, grilled pineapple or stuffed peppers.

Viognier:  Salmon steak, stuffed pork tenderloin, turkey breast, portabella mushroom burgers.

GSM:  Lamb shank, prime rib steak, burgers, whitefish, stuffed baked potato

Tasting notes and recipe ideas

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