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February Wine Feature

2013 Old Vines Chardonnay VQA

Our Old Vines Chardonnay is harvested from a small parcel of vineyard just a block from the winery.  Although the term old vines is not regulated in Canada we believe that we certainly qualify with our vineyard dating back to 1954.  You could count the number of vinifera vineyards that old in Niagara on one hand.

The vines themselves look like little trees.  Here is a picture without all of the growth so you can get a good look at the trunk.

So what is the fuss about old vines anyway?  Here is a basic run down.  As a grapevine gets older it produces less fruit but the quality is typically better.  As that vine ages it digs deeper into the soil to pickup more character from its microclimate.  Some roots will grow to depths greater than 30 feet.  This particular location is perfect for Chardonnay because of the clay, loam and limestone rich soils we have.

Our first vintage of Old Vine Chardonnay was in 2000 and the production has never been greater than about 200 cases.  This wine is vinified in an old world style with an application of a cold ferment and aging in French oak for about a year.  The nose shows great complexity with baked apple, pear and vanilla while the palate has a texture that is perfect for food.

We recommend that you try this Chardonnay with ham, poultry, cream sauces or soft cheese.

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2013 Snowangel Riesling Icewine 500mL VQA

This Icewine is designated under our snowangel series because the grapes are harvested after the first snowfall.  Icewine has remarkable ageability due to its high sugar content.  When young the colour is bright and the nose is usually more on the fresh fruit spectrum.  As Icewine ages it takes on this beautiful amber colour and the fruit changes from fresh to baked.  Think of an apple when it is fresh and then baked in a pie.  Our Icewine has a nose of apricot, honey, baked apple and poached pear.

Icewine is harvested after the grapes are frozen on the vine naturally and then pressed in a special Icewine basket press.  Here is an image of Icewine being pressed.


As you can see, the Icewine press is a slow process and the overall amount of juice derived is very low when compared to table wine.

Icewine isn't just for dessert, in fact you can pair this wine with food.  You have to be careful not to compete with the sweetness but with the right dish you will be in for a treat.  We recommend that you try blue cheese, fruit flan, glazed chicken or summer salad.

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Archangel 2017 Blanc de Noir Brut VQA

A brand new wine added to the Archangel sparkling lineup!

What is a blanc de noir, it is a white wine made from red grapes.  Our example is a cuvee of 95% Pinot Noir and 5% Chardonnay.  The two grapes are the classics when it comes to traditional method sparkling.  

Traditional method sparkling undergoes its final fermentation in the bottle that you buy.  It is a meticulous process that takes years to complete.  This wine sat aging on lees (spent yeast) for more than three years.  While resting it developed character and depth that make it a pretty complex wine.  It is a true brut so residual sugar is very low in this one.  The palate has great acidity making this wine quite refreshing and zesty.

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Happy Valentine's Day Package

Package consists of:                                                     

1 bottle 2019 Angels Share Rose

1 bottle 2017 Archangel Blanc de Noir

1 bottle 2013 Snowangel Riesling Icewine 500mL

Tasting notes and a recipe for each wine


2017 Archangel Blanc de Noir

 A blend of 95% Pinot Noir and 5% Chardonnay. Clean and fresh on the palate, with mouth-watering acidity. Tree fruits such as citrus and apple, along with melon are highlighted. The wine finishes dry and with length. Flavours of apple, pear with a hint of honey at the end.

 Pairing: Caramelized Onions and Brie Melts


2019 Angels Share Rose

 A blend of Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Pinot Meunier, Sauvignon Blanc and Dornfelder. On the nose, citrus and red fruit. Light floral notes with a hint of lavender. On the palate, ripe red grapefruit to start, followed by strawberry and mineral notes. Fruity in style with a rounded, crisp lingering finish.

 Pairing: Classic Nicoise Salad


2013 Snow Angel Riesling Icewine 500mL

 The high residual sugar provides the wine with a rich viscosity. Sweet as it is, however, the palate is amazingly balanced by sturdy acidity. Fresh apricot and pineapple, with golden raisin and honey coat the palate. Pleasantly long finish.

 Pairing: Honey & Icewine Sabayon Over Marinated Strawberries


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     Valentine's Package


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