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April Wine Features

2016 Mountainview Viognier VQA

Viognier is a bit of a rare one in Niagara but we have been growing it for years.  As for its flavour profile, it is situated somewhere between Chardonnay and Pinot Gris.  It is dry but has quite a bit of ripe fruit on the nose.

Pairing ideas:  poultry, pork chops, creamy pasta or veggie stir-fry.  Also great with semi soft and cheddar style cheeses.


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2019 Angels Share Rose VQA

Rose is just the perfect Spring sipper.  Our Rose is vinified using Pinot Noir which gives it that beautiful pale pink colour.  It is a dry style rose which makes it great for pairing with food.

Pairing ideas:  poultry, pork tenderloin, salmon, stuffed egg plant, rose pasta sauce.

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Try our Rose cocktail


Aromatic Wines Collection

Package consists of:

1 bottle 2018 Gewurztraminer

1 bottle 2017 Muscato

1 bottle 2016 Riesling

1 bottle 2019 Angels Share Rose

 Here is a collection of our recommended spring wines.  Aromatic wines are just so enjoyable during the early Spring.  They sometime remind us of new growth and the fresh smells that are all around us this time of year.  Each of these choices has a slightly different aroma to tantalize the senses.

Gewurztraminer -  Lychee and rose petal

Muscato - White flowers

Riesling - Citrus fruit

Rose - Red berries


Tasting notes and recipe ideas


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Spring into Wine

Package consists of:                                                     

1 bottle 2018 Sussreserve Riesling

1 bottle 2016 Mountainview Viognier

1 bottle 2018 GSM

Enjoy a collection of wines that can be paired up with some great Spring time BBQ.  After a winter indoors it will be nice to get outside and enjoy some fresh air again.  It would be nice if part of that fresh air was the familiar smells of the grill working away.

Pairing ideas:

Sussreserve Riesling:  spicy chicken wings, glazed drumsticks, loin chops, grilled pineapple or stuffed peppers.

Viognier:  Salmon steak, stuffed pork tenderloin, turkey breast, portabella mushroom burgers.

GSM:  Lamb shank, prime rib steak, burgers, whitefish, stuffed baked potato

Tasting notes and recipe ideas


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