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Angels Gate Family of Wines

Although the tradition of making sparkling wine is more than 500 years old, it has recently experienced a sort of renaissance amongst wine drinkers. These curious drinkers are recognizing that some of the highest quality sparkling wines come from non-traditional places and are in fact excellent everyday wines, not just for celebratory events.

Our sparkling wine history dates back to 2007, when we experimented with a small bottling of Pinot Noir Rosé. We were so pleased with the results that we moved on to create a blanc des blancs (white wine made from white grapes).

All of our Archangel sparkling wines are vinified using the traditional method, which means that the wine was aged on lees in the bottle that is available on the shelf. A pure and elegant way of crafting sparkling wine, this method allows the wine to develop a great amount of complexity, while maintaining its delicate character. We believe that wine should be a reflection of the local terroir and the nuances of each vintage, therefore our sparkling wines are often vintage dated.

Currently wines include:

Archangel Chardonnay Brut

Archangel Blanc de Noir Brut

Archangel Sauvignon Blanc

Shine - Muscato

Riesling Icewine Dosage

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Our Mountainview series of wines are a dedication to place, as great terroir is a key ingredient in winemaking.  Our location on the Beamsville Bench is a place like no other, with history millions of years in the making.  Once the shoreline of Lake Ontario, this region is abound with minerals and heavy soils.  The heavy clay forces the vines to work harder and dig deeper for food and water, at times pushing to more than 30 feet deep.  With such deep rootstocks, these vines typically produce better fruit.

All of our Mountainview wines are limited in production and vinified using the best fruit of a given vintage.

Current wines include:

Mountainview Riesling

Mountainview Chardonnay

Mountainview Viognier

Mountainview Pinot Noir

Mountainview Syrah

Mountainview Merlot

Mountainview Cabernet Franc

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Our limited edition wines are a bit of a "by chance" as we don't often vinify the same wines each vintage.  These are the gems that make winemaking so much fun as it is a true opportunity for the winemaker to stretch the creative gene and produce something that is not only special but unique.


Current wines include:

Old Vines Chardonnay

Angels Step Pinot Noir

Angels Share Rose

Bin 95






The family of wines is bookended by the Snow Angels series.  These are often dessert wines that are harvested after the first snowfall.  They are delicate and elegant but still very complex.  These wines are not produced every vintage and are vinified only in the best years for the style.


Current wines include:

Snow Angel Riesling Icewine 500mL

Snow Angel Riesling Sparkling Icewine Dosage




Our essentials line contains wines that are winery exclusive and offer exceptional value for money.  These delicious wines are often found on our tasting menu.  The fruit for these selections are often a blend of our estate holdings.


Current wines include:

Sauvignon Blanc

Fume Blanc






Angels Gate offers a wide selection of wines in the LCBO.  This is convenient for our fans but they also won't be disappointed when coming to visit as these are also available at the farm gate.


Current wines include:

Unoaked Chardonnay

Pinot Gris


Sussreserve Riesling

Gamay Noir

Pinot Noir

Cabernet Merlot



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